Choosing the Right RV

When you’re looking to step up your traveling game, consider RVing. Getting an RV can open you up to a world of new adventures, new experiences, and lots of savings. Many people go RV camping as a child, so why wouldn’t you want to keep the tradition going as a grown up? Or maybe you just know that other people have lots of fun and it’ll be worth the investment. No matter what the reason, make sure you’re choosing the right RV for you and your family. To help you out, Wisconsin RV World has provided some tips for our neighbors from Madison, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Your Camping Style

Before we get into the RVs, there are some priorities you’ll want to think about to satisfy your camping style. Even if you’ve never spent time in an RV, there are some decisions you can make in advance. For example, think about how big you’ll need your RV to be. Most people decide this based on how many sleeping arrangements they’ll need, although you can always go bigger if you just want the extra elbow room.

You’ll also want to think about what kinds of amenities you’ll want. RVs range from providing the bare minimum to featuring some seriously luxurious amenities. Most models come with a sleeping area, living area, and bathroom, although the size and comfort level of these features can vary greatly from model to model. You can also look for more stylish rigs that include a master bedroom and second, private room, as well as multiple entertainment centers, separate dining and living areas, and exterior amenities like a kitchen and television. Take a look at some of your options and start a running list of things you’d like to have in your RV.

The RVs

With your list of priorities in hand, it’s time to check out some models. Because there are so many different kinds of campers, the RV world offers a wide selection of models, broken down into different types. We’ve provided a basic breakdown of these models to help you navigate the market.

Travel Trailers

We’ll start with the towable RVs. These are RVs that require another vehicle to haul them from one place to the next. One of the most diverse towable RV groups is the travel trailer. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and prices, so it’s a nearly sure-fire way to find what you’re looking for, although it may take a lot of sifting first.

Fifth Wheels

Another type of towable RV is the fifth wheel. These are generally bigger than travel trailers and more luxurious. They also require a more specific type of tow vehicle, as the hitch will need something with an open or flatbed, like a pickup. This can be limiting for some, but the benefit is that the overlap between the two vehicles will give you more stability and control on the road.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers can come in a wide variety of RV styles, but their defining factor is the large open area in the rear of the rig. This is called a garage and is designed to hold and transport powersport vehicles, like ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes. This makes it the perfect choice for dual purpose campers.


If you want to skip the tow vehicle, then you’ll want to look at motorhomes. These rigs come with their own drivetrain, meaning there’s no hitching and you can just hop into the driver’s seat and take off. Motorhomes are further broken down into three subcategories, known as classes. Class A motorhomes are generally the largest, with a flat, panoramic front and the smallest of the group is generally the Class B motorhomes, often looking more like big vans than traditional RVs. Many people think of Class C motorhomes as the in between models, although they’re more recognizable by their truck chassis.

Ready to check out some RVs? Stop by Wisconsin RV World and check out some of the models we have on our lot, or ask one of our staff members to help you narrow down your selection a little more. We proudly serve Madison, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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