Making Friends on the Road

As you travel, you encounter many people on the road. Each campsite is usually teeming with fellow travel enthusiasts. These individuals are more than your neighbors – they are potential friends in the making! It may seem intimidating to go up and talk to a stranger, but traveling and the RV lifestyle tends to attract the most friendly and open people! We put together our favorite tips for getting to know others while you travel in your Starcraft RV. For all your trailer needs, visit Wisconsin RV World. We are located near Madison, Wisconsin.

Step One: Meeting People

Before you can make friends, you need to meet people. Good news is that’s easy to do! It can be as simple as sitting outside your Starcraft RV. Many people will view this as an open invitation to chat as they pass by. After all, if you wanted to be left alone you would stay inside your RV or find a secluded spot. Some people even set up a sign inviting others to join their campfire or meal.

Another strategy is to join an organized group of people. These connect up RV enthusiasts seeking connection. Swap insider knowledge and strategies, discover new campsites, attend social events, and even get discounts at RV-related stores. There are large organizations just for RVs (like Escapees). Or there are sub-groups of general social communities (like an RV group through

Another method is to go on a guided tour. It’s easy to strike up conversation as you jump from destination to destination. There are many tours centered on a given interest, such as hiking, caves, historical tours, pub crawls, and so on. It’s a great way to meet someone who shares your passion.

Step Two: Keep Up the Momentum

So you met someone you hit it off with – now what? If you want to transform that into a friendship, you’ll need to keep up the momentum. Try to initiate a second hangout. Maybe you can invite them over for dinner. Maybe they can join you for a hike. Maybe they can go with you to hit that tourist attraction. Find something they are interested in and do it together.

Step Three: Stay in Touch

You met someone exciting and you enjoyed making memories together. But eventually the time will come that you (or them) will need to leave the campsite. Some travel buddies are one-time pals. But others are worth staying in touch with. You can swap campsite suggestions, give each other RV upkeep tips, or even plan a vacation together! But you’ll need some method of communication to do this. You have a few different approaches you can take. Hand them your business card with your personal contact information on it (even better if it has a photo of your face on it). Or you can add them on your social media accounts. Or there’s the tried-and-true exchanging of emails or phone numbers. Find a method that works for you both and look forward to friendship, whether you are communicating online or at the campsite of the next vacation you share!

For all your Starcraft RV needs, visit Wisconsin RV World. Besides our Starcraft selection, we provide a range of new and used inventory for many brands. It’s easy to find an RV that fits into your budget and RV lifestyle. If you already own an RV, look into our trade-in options. If your current RV isn’t running properly, check out our service department and parts department. Our expert staff can get your RV operating like new! We proudly serve those in Madison and DeForest, Wisconsin.

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