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Many people turn to RVs when it’s time to hit the road due to their portable convenience. But what happens when you know you’ll be staying at your destination for more than a few days or weeks? Your best option may be a Park Model RV, sometimes referred to as a Destination trailer due to the fact that they are designed to stay at the destination. With larger floor plans, better amenities, and many attractive features, Park Model RVs are the perfect RV option if you are planning on an extended stay. Wisconsin RV World offers a wide selection of Park Model RVs when you’re ready to buy. Come to our DeForest, Wisconsin location, which proudly serves the area of Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin

What’s a park Model?

If you’re not familiar with Park Models, you may not know that these RVs provide some unique advantages for some travellers. Park Model RVs include a variety of vehicles, from some very traditionally styled recreational vehicles to models that look like a traditional house with wheels. A park model isn’t designed for the rigors of the road, instead these homes are designed to be put in place and secured as a semi-permanent structure. With sprawling floorplans, full residential amenities, and great perks for full timers and snowbirds alike, a park model can make a perfect home.

When Size Matters

Park models aren’t the only RVs made for full time living; there are plenty of Class A motorhomes and luxury fifth wheels that provide some great amenities for you to enjoy, however these types of RVs are made for mobility so some of the space in the design is set aside for the engine, drivetrain, or hitch. Because park models are meant to stay in place over long periods of time, more of the space in the design of the RV is available for your use. Since towing efficiency and fuel economy aren’t factors in the design of a Park Model, manufacturers are able to go all in with full sized amenities. While these RVs can be significantly larger than other types of long term RV, they’re also smaller than a traditional house, which makes them cozy, without feeling empty; a perfect fit for a retired couple.

Seasonal Travellers

If you retreat to warmer climates in the winter, then a Park Model can be a great option for you. Park models are often called Destination trailers for exactly this reason, they make a perfect vacation home for you to visit for a few weeks or months. Park models are perfect if you’ve found an RV park that you really enjoy, and continue to return to year after year. If you’re able to purchase a lot and plant your destination trailer, you don’t have to worry about the stress of maintaining a tow vehicle, and you can take a leisurely road trip down to your second home in a sedan if you feel like it, no heavy duty trucks required.


Not having a tow vehicle (or drivetrain) to maintain will save you plenty of money, but that’s not the only place that park models will give your pocketbook a boost. Even when they’re set up as a semi-permanent structure, you only need to pay taxes for an RV, and not property tax. If you buy or rent the lot you park your destination trailer on, then this can lead to a pretty great deal compared to investing in a house.

If RVs are made for the road, Park Models the most comfort when you get to the destination. These luxurious RVs make perfect hunting cabins, summer homes, or transition homes when building up a long-term home. Stop by Wisconsin RV World in DeForest to hear more about our options if you live in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Once you’ll experience our legendary customer service and support, you’ll be able to imagine yourself in the Park Model RV of your dreams.

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