Successful RV Storage

Its that time of the year again! Time to store your travel trailer or fifth wheel camper. This is an important part of owning an RV. Not only will it help your RV stay in prime condition, it also ensures that you are ready to roll in the Spring! If you want to be certain your RV is ready for storage, you can visit ourĀ Service Department, in Deforest, Wisconsin. If not, here are some general tips for successful RV storage.

Clean Out!

The first thing you want to do before storage is clean. That’s from the outside in, and top to bottom. Wash the whole RV, including the roof. For best storage results, a coat of wax will keep your RV protected from some of the grime that tends to build up. Make sure you wash your tires with soap and water as well to get off most of the corrosive oils and chemicals from the road.

On the inside of your RV, clean out all of the perishables (obviously) but also make sure to remove the always-packed items you might take for granted, like toilet paper or toothpaste. While these might be great to have around when you travel, they make tempting targets for pests. Empty your fridge out, and prop open the doors to ensure no moisture is trapped there.

Controlling Moisture

Moisture is one of your biggest enemies in an RV. If you can keep your roof vents open you’ll allow damp air to escape. RV vent covers can help with this by preventing water from dripping back in. Don’t draw your blackout shades during storage, having a little light can work wonders to keep mold under control, so use your translucent blinds to keep things lighter inside. To help with moisture, a hanging package of Damp-Rid can keep things dry.

Keeping Pests Out

Bugs and rodents will come for the food, and stay for the comfort, so make sure they can’t find food. Plug any holes you find in your RV with expanding foam, or stuffed rags. Plumbing vents can be protected with screens that we have available here.


Winterizing your plumbing is a must when things start to freeze up. We can help you with this process, or provide you with the parts to do it yourself. Either way, make sure you protect your pipes and holding tanks or you’re in for an expensive mess when you pull your RV out of storage.

Electrical Needs

Charge your batteries all the way up, and then use a battery disconnect switch to prevent any drain while you’re away. If you’re expecting a deep freeze where your RV is being stored, you may want to remove the battery altogether and store it on a trickle charger.


If possible, store your RV inside in a cool, dry place. This is one of the best things you can do to protect your tires. Overinflate your tires by about 20% (don’t exceed the maximum pressure of the Rims) and put your RV up on blocks if you can. Try and move your RV every three months or so to avoid flat spots.

Storage and Security

When picking a storage location, try and find someplace close enough that you can check on your RV every once and awhile. If you’re concerned about someone hitching up your trailer and rolling away, get yourself a hitch lock.

RV Storage is a crucial part of owning an travel trailer or fifth wheel. If you follow these tips you will be on track to ensuring your RV is ready for the Spring! For absolute certainty, stop by our dealership and talk to our helpful Service Department to get expert advice on how to store your specific RV. We can make sure your travel trailer or fifth wheel is ready to roll in the Spring, dry and with no broken pipes! Our dealership is located in Deforest, WI near Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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